We started the development of PREVOSAN in response to the outbreak of the highly dangerous SARS1 virus in 2002/2003. We achieved the first promising results for our novel antiviral coating, and achieved a very high effectiveness against the SARS 1 virus. As the outbreak could fortunately be stopped, this project was discontinued.

With the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, our team turned its attention to our earlier work. We customized our invention to the new SARS-CoV-2 virus and the optimized the effect of our coating. Since the disease has become a global health hazard, it was a logical step to develop self-adhesive films that adhere to practically any surface. PREVOSAN enables us to equip any contact surface in public areas with a protective function.

Thus, existing infrastructure can be used and the danger of smear infection can be reduced to a minimum. In the Jura group we found the optimal partner for the development and production of these innovative films.

PREVOSAN renders the protection against infection simple, inexpensive, flexible and accessible to everybody. PREVOSAN is therefore poised to become an important element in the fight against the spread of the Covid19 pandemic. Thus, PREVOSAN makes everyday life easier in response to this global challenge.