Hygiene made carefree

Permanent protection due to ambient light and humidity

PREVOSAN destroys coronaviruses on surfaces quickly and reliably with the help of daylight and the natural film of moisture.


Coronaviruses killed within 1 hour


Coronaviruses killed within 2 hours

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Facts about PREVOSAN

PREVOSAN is non-toxic to humans. The active ingredient silver chloride is approved for food contact. PREVOSAN has been certified according to DIN EN 71-3 (Toy Safety Standard) regarding the migration behaviour of heavy metals. Furthermore DIN 53160:2010 "Resistance to perspiration and saliva" has been certified.

PREVOSAN is available as a self-adhesive film that can be easily applied to practically all surfaces. The film implies a practical correction function: Simply peel off and fix again. The adhesive strength is retained. Therefore easy application of the film is also possible for every layperson.

Other items such as tablecloths and bags or medical accessories are also equipped with PREVOSAN technology. In this way smear infections can be avoided without permanent disinfection.

PREVOSAN works in natural or artificial daylight. Due to the moisture-active component. PREVOSAN is also effective in the dark.

PREVOSAN also works against mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These are changed at the spike proteins and can thus penetrate the cells more effectively. This also increases the risk of infection from smear infections. PREVOSAN works against the virus envelope which is not significantly changed by the mutations.